Proudly we inform you that ViscoFood will be present in its own booth this year at IBA.

Of course we would like to welcome you there hoping the items we show have your interest.

On our booth we will show ;

Moveable tank pump unit with automatic level controls. This pump can be connected to the bottom valve of a product storage tank and can keep the hopper filled at a constant level.



Automatic Pump unit for smaller mixing bowls with round shaped bottom.


At the Masdac stand (Hall A1 385 ) we will show a mechanically “craned” pneumatic suction pump without follower plate. It can be used for various containers and semi viscous ( more liquid ) products. The mechanical crane can be easily lifted by hand due to a contra weight inside the construction. The construction is not new but is requested frequently by our customers.



Finally, we will show our special automatic pump unit for a Diosna SP 160 and a Sancassiano PLT-C 400 .
This pump unit will have reverse installed pneumatic pistons. Due to the special construction the unit has less height for transportation inside the production e.g for going to the cleaning room.
Because we are still producing this unit we cannot show a picture. Functions are similar to the usual built units.

Please let us surprise you with this unit and hopefully opening many doors or creating new opportunities.