A small quantity – 25/30 kg – of product is enough to find out whether a product can be pumped. The test can only be carried out at your site because:

The test unit is kept as compact as possible. However, the main components are full-sized. These are the pump and the hose used to pump and transfer the product. A small container is filled manually so that the product undergoes as little processing as possible.

Working method

Place the follower plate with the pump on the product. The small valve in the follower plate should be open so that the air can escape (all this happens automatically in the pump unit). Close the valve when the follower plate has been placed on the product. Link the hose to the pump, if necessary linking it to the supply of the pump. Turn the pump on by opening the air supply to the air motor.

Capacity can be regulated easily using the air regulator valve on the motor. At the end of the test, blow air through the open valve in the follower plate to release the vacuum and take the unit automatically out of the testing bowl.

Test on location with chocolate spread:

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Test on location with high viscous dough:

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