ViscoFood has been developing pump installations for viscous products in the food industry across the world for more than 20 years. It goes without saying that these systems meet the current regulations regarding the safe use of installations.

Sancassiano GRE 600

An incident at a big foodmanufacturer, where a piece of plastic cog turned out to be lost, was the reason ViscoFood began developing plastic parts that would be detected if lost or broken. The challenge involves keeping within the guidelines of EC 1935/2004.

After almost a year we can say that we have succeeded in providing the parts that come into contact with the product in a design that can be detected by a metal detector. After a lengthy testing period, the plastic parts in the pump and follower plate appear to have excellent properties and are a worthy alternative to the previously undetectable parts. At the IBA we will be presenting these parts, which will allow us to demonstrate that we continue to supply our clients with knowledge and products, even in anticipation of the law.

The next step has already been put into action. In addition to being detectable by a metal detector, the scraping edge of our pump units can also be detected by X-ray. The intention is to apply this to other materials in the pump in future.

ViscoFood is and continues to be a leader in pumping viscous products.